Tax optimization for your branches


The success of any business is always based on the effectiveness of asset management, liabilities and cash flow of the company. Tax liabilities are one of the most important expenditures for all international and domestic organizations. Years of experience regarding taxation in Russia and around the world (, is gone) allows our company to turn your commitment to your assets.

All relationships with our customers are based on dealing any enquires individually. This allows us to offer personalized solutions which take everything of your business into account.
Elitando provides services to optimize taxation in various industries, including:

Real Estate and Construction

Construction and Development

Construction and development are capital intensive, continuous on lending, but highly profitable. In the course of their business development companies face numerous challenges associated with issues such as calculation and payment of taxes. Tax laws are extremely inefficient in respect of construction activity. This industry tends to use "one-day firms" and "unscrupulous suppliers", which leads to increased interest and mistrust from the tax authorities. Large private developers for the purpose of localization of risks create separate subsidiaries construction subsidiaries and business structures for each individual project. Development of schemes for supporting and minimization of taxes is of great importance to our current clientele. Thus, optimization of taxation in the construction sector is time-consuming and complex process, which requires the participation of highly experienced individuals.
Highly qualified lawyers and tax specialists West Union will help you to optimize both industrial and residential construction activities. 
Construction and development are capital intensive, continuous nuzhdayuschimesya onlending, but highly profitable sectors of the economy. In the course of its business developer companies face numerous challenges associated with issues of calculation and payment of taxes. Tax laws are extremely deficient in respect of construction activity than the active use of the taxpayers repeatedly understate the tax base and tax authorities, sometimes wrongly credit additionally taxes and penalties in contentious situations. For example, in the building used by the so-called consolidated invoice that the Code does not provide, as in the case of mutual funds (mutual funds) for purposes of tax optimization, answers to many questions can be found only in the arbitration practice and normative acts. This industry tend to use "one-day firms" and "unscrupulous suppliers", which leads to an increased interest and distrust on the part of tax authorities. Large private developers for the purpose of localization of risks create separate subsidiaries construction subkompanii and business structure for each individual project. The development of optimization of taxation and finance is also carried out individually for each project. Thus, tax efficiency in construction - labor-intensive and complex process, requiring the participation of professionals. 

Below you can see the main list of our services in the field of construction and development business.

•   Construction of operational structures, in particular: 
•   With the participation of the Russian company as an investor-builder 
•   With the participation of Russian companies as an investor and the investor-builder 
•   With the participation of the Cyprus company as a contractor 
•   With the participation of Cypriot investors and the Russian owner / developer 
•   Using FTRA etc. 

Optimization of the relationship between the investor, customer, developer, contractor and the buyer: 

•   Use the equity contract, the contract of sale and investment agreement between the parties 
•   Analysis of issues of consolidated invoices and the adoption of the VAT deducted / recovered from the budget at all stages of construction. 

Highly qualified lawyers and tax specialists of West Union will help you optimize the taxation both in industry and in housing construction.

Possession and sale of real estate properties

Almost all owners of expensive real estate show in front of their accountants the same problem: on the one hand, to minimize the tax on property and income taxes, on the other hand, the maximum protection of assets..
Universal solution for this problem does not exist. You can, for example, receive property by a foreign company, but this scheme ownership is ineffective in terms of tax optimization and extremely inadequate for recipients. Alternatively, you can make an estate to a Russian company, whose shares will be owned by an offshore company. This scheme is also destined to fail because it does not allow the use USN, and you have a tax of 15% in case of payment of dividends offshore.

At the end in order for the scheme to be with a minimum level of risk it requires a comprehensive analysis that includes: the market value of the property and acquisition cost, if it owns the company, its financial performance and balance sheet for the last few years, the taxation regime, the value of the share (Share) Capital, etc. Only after such detailed analysis can develop a real estate sales, comply with all rules of law and the interests of both buyer and seller. 
Our company has many years of providing advices concerning ownership and sale of real estates, as well as deals with full legal support for transactions involving the sale of assets. 

Export / Import

Nowadays the international trade system is facing a new tendency – the barriers between countries are gradually disappearing.  However, agreements on export and import still attract attentions from both legislative and tax authorities and it provokes dynamic changes in these two spheres.  

West Union specialist who operate in many countries have great experience in the legislation regulating agreements on export/import both in Russia and abroad thus we can keep our clients informed about the latest changes. 

We offer consulting services on export/import operations for the following issues:

Our specialists also have great experience in developing the following schemes and multilevel structures:

Investing in Financial Markets

An economic development of any country is rapidly evolving in case government provides a good platform for investments. Stable and well-functioning financial market is a necessary condition for attracting investments.  In many cases it is also defined by taxation system.
West Union specialists have great experience in consulting individuals and financial groups on taxation issues which arise in Russian Federation and foreign countries regarding projects of transaction maintenance, including investments attraction, investments operations and leasing.

Below you can find the list of service we provide:

  • Schemes development with mutual investment funds
  • Schemes development with foreign investment funds in offshore, in Cyprus and Luxembourg.
  • Analysis of aspects of funds management
  • Analysis of brokering activities issues at equity market and derivatives instruments on the territory of Russia or abroad

Trade and the Internet

Nowadays there is growing number of people wishing to start a business in Internet commerce. Despite the fact that Internet commerce is subject to the same standards of tax legislation, as conventional trade, e-commerce through virtual shops still have their advantages.

Over the years Elitando company team participated in major projects in advising on tax issues that arose from e-business projects, as well as the normal trading companies, including the selection of appropriate jurisdiction, as well as identifying and minimizing tax risks at all stages of operation. Our experience allows us to take into account all peculiarities of the project of any complexity at any stage of its implementation.

It is important to note that the scope of the Internet is not limited to virtual stores and providers of their services. 

Below are a few areas of our expertise:

•   Tax optimization relationships between by content providers / software and social networks or other large Internet projects.
•   Issue online currency payments subsequent conversion.
•   Tax payment agents and processing companies.
•   The implementation of transactions through a merchant account.